Tangible signs of the great story of the Calabrian

are also found in amphoras in which the wine was stored, amphoras produced by the Pellaro and Gioiosa Ionica furnaces.

On the amphoras was written “Vinum Reggium” then discovered in several ports including Anzio and Marseille.

The portal Calabria Wine Tour is the brainchild of the Italian Sommelier Association – Calabria. Thanks to the experience and expertise developed in 15 years of activity in the region, the Sommelier of AIS Calabria intend to create with this portal a link between the Calabrian winemakers and the regional, national and international market, in order to highlight the excellence of quality wines and wine identity of Calabria. This is the main objective of Calabria Wine Tour, starting from companies whose wines were tasted in arranged sessions for the Vitae 2015, the Italian Sommelier Association Guide. Only numbers can give the perfect meaning of what it can be found in the portal:


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Significant numbers, but only partial which will increase tasting other wines, visiting other wineries, meeting new regional companies.



Wine quotes

The history of the Calabrian wines starts from the populations that inhabited it, the Enotri and their king Italo who gave his name to this land, the land of wine, "Enotri Tellus" which then was called Italy

Calabria Wine Tour

Edward Lear, famous writer and traveller, in the nineteenth century walked from Melito Portosalvo to the inner small Calabrian towns. He wrote about Palizzi, well-known for its red wine, Pentadattilo and Gallicianò, "the Ancient Greece acropolis", where still today the ancient greek language is spoken.

Calabria Wine Tour

“The only way to get the history of the landscape and culture of a country, is to swallow it, letting it pass to the lips and the esophagus”

Italo Calvino